Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mama Mia! Every women's dream skin and overall complexion...

I remember watching Mama Mia - The Movie, with my kids and had a great time. It was full of memories, especially those ABBA songs. Yes, it was like 30 years ago when I was a teenager like my 15 year old daughter.

Other than the fun storyline, the romance and those songs, I remember being quite captivated by a young actress, who played the daughter to the mom, famously immortalised by Meryl Streep.

And I found out that her name is Amanda Seyfried. You can read more about her here:

Other than her overall youthful demeanor, Amanda has the most beautiful skin, not mentioning her lovely, mesmerizing green eyes. Well, some girls have all the luck! HAHA!

Just the other day, a patient asked me what kind of skin treatment and procedures she can sign-up to look like Amanda Seyfried, the IT GIRL of Hollywood now.

I was caught speechless, momentarily.

I didn't quite remember what I said, but she burst out laughing saying she was just pulling my legs, and she knew there's no such treatment and confessing how she envied Amanda's skin and complexion, and her wonderfully slim and attractive body, with just the right curves at the right places.

And here's Amanda Seyfried in her latest movie, "In Time".

I watched it with my loved ones on a weekend two weeks ago.

Amanda Seyfried!

O wow! I know what's troubling my pretty patient now...

Beauty Concept : Tattoos - Beautiful or dirty and ugly?

Do you think tattoos are beautiful? Or are they dirty and ugly?

Angelina Jolie. and her tattoos.

When I was a young girl, growing up in a certain part of Kuala Lumpur, tattoos are a no-no. Only gangsters get tattoos. If you are stopped by the road and the police found tattoos on your body, you are suspected of being a triad member.

Now, you see tattoos on people you least expect, like that red rose on the shoulder of that lovely young mother who's cradling her 1 year old baby daughter at the mall.