Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am looking forward to upgrade my website with XIMNET.

I have been using this blogger account to manage my Internet presence for a while. I started out using Blogger because it is convenient and fast.

A few years down the road now, I am seriously considering engaging a professional web company to design my website. My choice is obvious. XIMNET MALAYSIA will be a perfect match in terms of their design skills and industry experience. I consider XIMNET MALAYSIA to be the best web design and Internet strategy company in Malaysia. Well yes, the reasons are obvious.

Recently, XIMNET launched XTOPIA (http://www.xtopia.com.my/), and I am thinking now of using this as the platform for me to serve my customers better. Since it has the ability to manage content with its in-built CMS (Content Management System), track sales opportunities, store my customers database, manage service requests, I think it will be good for me. Another thing is, I am thinking of starting a Loyalty Program and I understand that XTOPIA has a built-in loyalty program system.

I will get started once I am clear on what I want to do and how much I am willing to invest.

Till then...

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